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When it comes to events, whether social or corporate, our moto is to make things happen, and that of course includes taking care of everything, from start to finish. It goes without saying that any event is a result of teamwork. At inEVENTive, we pride ourselves in working with the best partners and suppliers in Greece and abroad, forming a highly motivated team of professionals with diverse skill sets, able to deliver all projects to perfection.

Creative ideas and design

Whether it’s your dream wedding, an intimate gathering or a big corporate event we will work with you to “invent” your concept and develop and deliver the right design that reflects your style and the occasion.

Venue selection

In over 12 years in the industry we have seen most venues throughout Greece and are able to cut through the clutter and save you time in deciding. Depending on the occasion, style and budget we will propose a short of list of venues, arrange for you to visit and help you decide what’s right.

Production and presentation

Transforming the selected venue into the “right” venue requires a lot of work. From artistic flower arrangements all the way to creating your own “production stage” and “performance”, we can design and realise your dream.
We work with all the top professionals to ensure that all the elements that make up a unique event will be of superior quality on the day. That includes flower arrangements, lights, sound, photography, videography, fireworks, music bands, special performances, custom-made gifts and favors, and so much more. If all that sounds daunting, sit back and relax! We will coordinate everything up to the last detail!

Travel services

Through our partner travel agencies, we offer a full set of services including ticket issuing, accommodation reservations, bespoke sightseeing tours and leisure management, high-end transportation services,chartering of yachts, jets and helicopters.

Administration and logistics

Especially in corporate events, administration and logistics are essential to the successful execution. Our trusted partners can provide audiovisual equipment, IT support, printing and web services as well as registration and translation services.


Upon request, we can also help you develop marketing and communication collateral. We can also contract publicity services.